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How I Met Her

As a sharp young guy from kumerica, the golden city in Kumasi, I was fortunate enough to find myself in the United States of America. On April 12, 2012, I landed in Virginia, Alexandria to be precise. It was a cold day but I was filled with so much joy after reuniting with my dad. On Sunday April 13th my dad and I went to church to give thanks to the Lord for how much he had blessed our family. I was so shy and quiet because it was a new environment but the church was very welcoming.

During the offertory section, I saw a very charming, vibrant and beautiful young lady holding the crucifix, walking down the aisle. God, I was astonished by her beauty. She had bold eyes, nice trimmed eyebrows,a defined jawline, well groomed nails and overall astonishing beauty. After I saw her, trust me I was distracted throughout the mass ceremony. Throughout mass, I was trying to put my thoughts together on how I would approach her because I was a little shy. Not because I wasn’t confident but because I couldn’t speak good American english.

After the church service, I was greeted with warm wishes from family, friends and church members but in my mind, I was just waiting for the beautiful mass server who walked down the aisle. Luckily, a few of the youth came around to say hello and low and behold, the angel I was thinking about finally came to talk to me. Again, she looked even prettier when she took her mass server attire off. She walked to me, said hi and I responded with a hello. We started a conversation and she told me I looked like her cousin. As a sharp guy from Prempeh college (the best secondary school in Kumasi) , I seized that opportunity to make my advancement. From that period on we spoke at  a couple youth meetings and the rest is history.

How I Met Him

Knowing Bismark, his version is probably very funny. My version is not as witty but our story has been nothing short of amazing. I was at church like every other Sunday performing my duties as a mass server. I didn’t notice him at first but as he likes to say, I was checking him out from the altar but I wasn’t  until I saw him after the church service. There were many new faces who had just arrived from Ghana so I greeted everyone with a warm welcome. When it came to him I thought what a handsome young man and I told him he looked like my cousin.

He thinks I was flirting with him but I actually genuinely thought he looked like my cousin. We engaged in some conversation and we met at many church events thereafter. We talked about everything from school, fashion, sports to life in Ghana and him getting accustomed to life here in the U.S. He is quite a funny individual and can make anyone in the room laugh. His confident, cool demeanor attracted me to him more and more. And  his sweet gestures, he would write me letters and when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend he gave me the cutest bracelet, I still have to this day. His relentless effort throughout the years has blossomed into what we have today and I am excited for forever. 

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